Have something you would like scanned?

We support all industries and individual customers in bringing the latest scanning tech to your toolbox.

Contact us today to get a custom quote for scanning.
Generally, our process follows the below:
  1. Us the Contact Us page to send us an email with pictures and general dimensions of the item to be scanned
  2. We provide you with a custom quote for the project, including advising options as to what scanning technologies will best meet your needs
  3. After agreeing on cost/scope of the project, you send your item to our location, or if in the Columbus area, we can arrange a meeting to pick-up/drop off
  4. We scan your item to generate a 3D-mesh of your item, as well as possibly provide additional services such as colorizing the 3D model for display purposes, or reverse engineering into CAD.
  5. We electronically show you a preview of your final data, and upon agreement that the results appear to meet your needs, and receipt of final payment, we then send a link to download all of your final data. At the same time, we ship your original item back to your address.
3D Scan Examples